1. oceanashenue:

    so today my ap art history teacher was teaching us about Hapshetsut the only female pharaoh and he was like “have you seen women they can pop out a baby and be like alright let’s go” and then he walked over to this guy and aimed his fist towards his balls and the guy flinched and held his crotch so he was like “men may be stronger but women are tougher” and then he said “so when someone tells you to grow a pair, they mean ovaries”

    (via sunshineandhipline)


  2. Killed ittttt.

    I’ve never left an exam so confident, at least not in a long time. 24 pages in four hours. My wrist is dead.

    One exam down!


  3. Quals are in the morning.



  4. Just scheduled my area qualifying exam and defense.

    Commence panic.


    1. Student: Your hair looks really good today! What did you do to it?
    2. Me: ...I didn't shower this morning...

  5. I guess if you bomb out on squats its slightly mollified when you PR your bench and deadlift after they switch you to the push pull division…

    But really though my squat is shit.

  6. and pictures, you have to take pictures. pictures of your food. pictures of you eating your food even though you hate it. pictures of everything you wish you could eat. LOTS OF PICTURES.

    god i’m an asshole.


  7. tumblr you may not be aware of this but…it’s possible to cut weight and not blow everyone the fuck up with your incessant posts about how much it sucks, how much you hate everything, and how much you want a donut.

    like…we get it man.

    inb4 someone comes at me with “it’s my blog i can do whatever i want it’s my outlettttttttt.”

  8. My Friday to do list…


  9. Compiling all of my outlines for the musicology qualifier that is in 2.5 weeks.

    I’m actually pretty proud of all the work I’ve done so far.

    Still so many gaps to fill between now and Sept 18th.